WooCommerce Integration

A guide to syncing WooCommerce with Outshifter.


Don't worry, you will only have to do this once.

  • Log in to your Outshifter account, and go to the Settings page.
  • Select Sales Channels from the left hand menu.
  • Enter the URL for your WooCommerce shop in the field labeled WooCommerce.
  • A new window will open asking you to connect your store. Select Approve.
  • Once the connection is made the window closes and you´ll see a check mark next to your WooCommerce shop URL in the Outshifter settings. That's it! 
FIND Products
  • Log in at outshifter.com and go to Products in the main menu.
  • Filter, search and browse for products.
  • Request access to sell products by connecting with brands.
  • You´ll be notified as soon as the brand has approved, giving you access to export and sell their products.

Tip: We recommend updating your Outshifter profile with a profile image and cover photo. For instance the logo of your shop, or another image that represents your business. This significantly increases the likelihood that a brand will connect with you. Go to Settings to edit your profile.

  • Simply hover over a product and select “Add to +
  • Switch WooCommerce on and press Save.
  • The product will now appear in your WooCommerce store. That's it!

All products you´ve saved or exported can be found on your Outshifter profile. To check out your profile, press the Home button from the top menu.

  • You can save products to your own Outshifter profile by pressing the Heart on a product card.
  • To add a saved product to your store; hover over the product card and switch WooCommerce on. Then click Save.
  • To remove a product from your store, simply hover over the product card and switch off WooCommerce. Then click Save.
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