Squarespace Integration

A guide to syncing Squarespace with Outshifter.


1. In your Squarespace account head over to Settings.

2. Select AdvancedDeveloper API Keys → Press GENERATE KEY.

3. Enter a name for the key you can easily identify as being for your Outshifter integration.

4. Make sure you select the following permissions:

  • Forms
  • Products (Read and write)
  • Inventory (Read and write)
  • Orders (Read and write)
  • Transactions
  • Profiles

5. Once you've checked all the permission boxes press the GENERATE KEY button on the top right corner.

6. Copy the API Key.

7. Go to outshifter.com and log in to your Outshifter account.

Sync your Products

After logging in to your Outshifter account, head over to Settings (- can be found from the top right corner).

  • Select eCommerce System from the menu on the left hand side.
  • From the eCommerce dropdown menu select Squarespace.
  • Paste the API Key into the text field.
  • Press the Connect button.

Your products will automatically be exported from Squarespace to Outshifter. Please allow a minute or two for the sync to complete.

Publishing your Products

Nearly there, you're at the last steps now.

  • When your products are synced, log in to your account at outshifter.com
  • Go to Products in the menu, and click the My Listings button. 
  • Once on the My Listings page, you can find all synced products under Drafts.
  • Click on a product and the listing will open. Make sure all info is correct before clicking Publish.

All of your published products can be found on the general product page on Outshifter and on your profile. Any eSeller you have connected with will have access to easily add it to and sell it on their own sales channels.

Important note: To be able to publish products on Outshifter, you must first be verified by our quality assurance team. Make sure that you meet all the requirements specified in our Verification guide. The process usually takes 1-3 business days.

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