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We require all partners to make our returns policy available on their site, app or online store to stay compliant. While also making it easier for customers to initiate returns on products distributed by Outshifter.

Our standard return policy can be found here:


All brands are required to accept returns and comply with our standard return policy. This involves supporting a 14 day return period and providing us with information regarding how and where the customer should return an item.

  • All customers purchasing a product distributed through Outshifter, receive a link to our automated online returns form.
  • If the customer fills out the form and initiates a return you´ll be notified by email and on your Outshifter dashboard.
  • You don't need to do anything. The brand(s) will be notified and will have to approve or decline the returned product(s), based on the condition they receive them in.
  • We handle the payments and reimbursements.

Should a customer ask you about how to initiate a return, simply provide them with our return policy and returns form

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