Succeeding with Outshifter

In order for you to get the most out of Outshifter, we´ve compiled a few tips and tricks

Make your Profile Look Good

The easiest way to increase sales coming through eSellers found on Outshifter is to make sure you are connected with the best ones. 

A good place to start is to make your Outshifter profile and products you publish look as good as possible. This will help you appear higher in searches on the Outshifter platform, while significantly increasing the likelihood that eSellers will want to connect with you.

To edit your profile go to Home in the main menu, and select Edit Profile.

  • Brand Logo: We recommend using a square image, displaying your logo on a solid colored background. To change your profile image, press the little blue pencil. Upload an image and voila!
  • Background Image: The background image is the large picture displayed on your profile on the Network page. When eSellers are browsing through Brands on Outshifter, this is the first thing they see. We recommend setting the background image as a photo representing your brand, for instance a campaign, lifestyle or mood photo.
  • Category Tags: When eSellers search for Brands on Outshifter they can choose to filter based on different categories. So make sure you´ve updated the categories your brand falls within. Start by selecting a Main Category. Then select up to 3 subcategories.

Remember to press Save before you leave the page.

Make your Product Listings Look Great

In the same way as you make your profile look great, we recommend having your products look top notch. It goes without saying that good looking products attract top converting eSellers.

The best file type for images is JPEG. Images can have a maximum size of 2MB. However, make sure the images have good quality and high resolution, as we remove product listings that don't meet our quality standards.

  • Cover Image: First of all, this is the image eSellers see when browsing for products on Outshifter. So make sure it's attention grabbing and of high quality. We recommend setting this photo as a picture from a campaign, lookbook or such. Make sure that this image does not have a completely white background, as it will get a poor ranking from our algorithm and appear lower down in search.
  • Product Image: The product image must display your product in such a way that it is easy to understand what the product is. We require using a completely white backdrop and displaying the whole product.

To update a Product listings images, go to ProductsMy Listings → press Edit on the product you want to update. Simply upload the image you want, then drag and drop the order of existing images.

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