User Guide

Learn more about how Outshifter works and level up your eCommerce game.

About Outshifter

Outshifter is the platform where Brands and eSellers connect. Allowing eSellers to find products they can sell for a commission, directly on their own online channels. Thereby enabling Brands to drastically improve their online distribution by outsourcing marketing and sales.

The concept is built on dropshipping, a fulfilment model where the eSellers don't hold inventory. Each order is automatically forwarded to the Brand, who ships the product to the customer.

Dropshipping has been around for a long time. However, Outshifter has solved the key issues holding it back from a mainstream audience, namely control, quality and ease of use. Welcome to dropshipping 2.0.


Outshifter officially launched January 2021. Outshifter is currently only available for the European market. However, we are soon expanding to the US.

Outshifter Basics

The Outshifter platform consists of a few elements, found in the main menu.

This is your profile. Here you can find and manage all the products you have saved, (in addition to the product listings you have published on Outshifter, if you are a Brand). The products on your profile can easily be published on the Sales Channels you have connected with Outshifter. Like your Shopify storefront or Instagram account.

On your feed you will find all updates and notifications related to your Outshifter activities.

Here you can search and browse for other users to connect with, to build your own Sales Network. You only have access to save products published by users (Brands) in your network.

From the Requests tab, you can manage requests to connect from other users. You can decide to dismiss or accept any request.

From the My Connections tab, you can view and manage all the connections in your Sales network.

Browse all the products published on Outshifter. Use the filters to optimize your search and find the products you are looking for.

You can save products to your profile or add them to your sales channels directly, but first you must connect with the user (Brands) that published them on Outshifter.

If you are a brand and want to list your products on Outshifter, you can click the My Listings button in the top right corner. From the My Listings page you can create and manage your product listings or synchronize products with your current eCommerce solution.

Here you can view and manage all your orders. Both for products you have saved from other users and sold to customers on your own Sales Channels, and the orders generated by the eSellers in your network, selling your products for you.

Our analytics provide you with valuable insights. From what products are selling the best, to your overall profits and best the connections in your network.


From account settings you can edit and administer your Outshifter account. To go to account settings, press your brand logo (user profile image) in the top right corner.

Profile Settings

Editing your information:

Brand logo (profile picture)
From the Settings page, go to the Profile section in the sidebar menu and press the Change Photo button below your current brand logo picture and upload the picture you want to display. We recommend using your brand logo. Make sure to save your changes in the top right corner.

From the Settings page, go to the Profile section and select the Username field. Type in a new one. Make sure to save your changes.

Go to the Profile section > select the email field and press Change. Please note that you will have to login again with your new email address.

Go to the Profile section > press the Change Password button. An email with further instructions will be sent to your email address.

Delete your Account
To permanently delete your account go to the Profile section of the Settings page. On the bottom of the page you will see the Delete Account button. Please note that all information, content and data stored in relation to your account will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.


To list products on Outshifter go to the Products page in the main menu and select My Listings in the to right corner.

From here you can either create product listings manually by pressing Create New or import products directly from your e-commerce system by pressing the Sync button.

Publishing a product will make it viewable and discoverable for the rest of the Outshifter users. Only the users you´ve connected with will have access to save and sell your products. Please note that  although you publish your products on Outshifter, they will not become visible for other users until we have verified your account.

Before you complete and publish a product listing, you can always save it as a draft. However, you can not change a published listing back to a draft.

If you synchronice Outshifter with your eCommerce system, all your products will automatically be imported to Outshifter and saved as drafts, before you decide to publish them.

Listing Products Manually

To list products manually go to the My Listings page, click Create New.

Enter the details for your product and once you are done you can click Publish, on the top right corner of the page.

Add images to show eSellers and customers across sales channels what the product looks like. To upload images, click on the upload image icon. The best file type for most product images is JPEG. Images can be any size. However, make sure the images have good quality and high resolution, as we remove product listings that don't meet our requirements.

We recommend you use a campaign photo for your cover image. The galley images should be standard product and detail images on a white background.

The name of your product as you want eSellers to see it on the Outshifter platform. Don't put product descriptions in the title (like colours and sizes).

The description of your product. This area uses a rich text editor so that you can format your text. Describe your product in detail to inform your potential eSellers and customers.

Retail Price
The price that you're charging the final customer for the product.

Sales Commission
The percentage of the Price earned by and transferred to the Seller when a purchase is completed.  A standard sales commission on Outshifter usually falls between 15% and 45%.

The revenue you are left with after the Sales Commission is deducted.

Categorization helps eSellers better filter, search and find your products on the Outshifter platform. A product can have only one Main Category, one Subcategory and one Micro Category. Select the categories for your product from the dropdown menu.

Quantity - Total number of units in stock. A minimum quantity of 3 units is required.

Allow selling if stock is empty - You can check this field if you can take new orders for a product even if the stock is currently empty.

SKU (stock keeping unit) - The code that identifies the product within your business. For effective tracking and sales reporting, each SKU needs to be unique.

Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.) - Barcodes are typically used by Sellers. The identifier needs to be a new or existing Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). Some sales channels require a GTIN before a product can be published using the channel.

If the product comes in multiple variations you can add them by selecting: This product comes in multiple versions, like different sizes or colours.

Option Type - Create a name for a new variation of the product, like Size or Colour.

Option Values - add different values for the variation, like; Blue, Green and Black.

You can add more than one Option, and the different options will be automatically combined to create unique Variants.

Shipping and delivery
Package measurements and weight - We need the package measurements in order to be able to calculate shipping prices based on your couriers account. If you use flat rates, these fields are not required.

Shipping Price - Is the price the customer must pay for the delivery. If you use flat rates, this field is required. You can also check the Custom price for each country, to set unique prices based on the countries you sell in.


In order to get your products listed on Outshifter we need to verify the quality of your products and legitimacy of your business. This is to ensure the utmost quality of the brands that are listed on our platform and to prevent fraudulent activities. The following text outlines the requirements and process.

Legal & Business Information
We ask for the following information to verify your account:

- Your Company VAT tax number

- A European Business address and warehouse address. We currently require our suppliers to ship from Europe to guarantee fast delivery.

- A Return Policy that is in compliance with European consumer protection laws and regulations. Meaning you have to offer at a minimum a 14-day return policy.

In certain instances we will ask for more information. Particularly if we are unsure as to whether you own the right to use and sell the content, products and services or otherwise have the right to distribute the content, products and services in the territories you claim. Outshifter does not allow dropshippers to list products on our platform. Thus we could ask for a certificate of authentication of your products or a copy of your distribution agreement.

Product Requirements
We have strict requirements as it pertains to quality and the type of products we allow on Outshifter. We do not allow the listing of:

- Any custom-made / made-to-measure, vintage or second-hand products

- Non-genuine products

- No products that we consider offensive materials such as, but not limited to products promoting racisms, glorifying violence, or inciting hatred

- Adult Product and Services

- Tobacco Products and related Paraphernalia

- Alcohol

- Non-branded products

For a more definite list of prohibited products please see our Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to reject your application, should we find that your products and brand do not fit with our general quality threshold and Outshifter brand and concept.

Technical Aspects & Quality
In order to have your profile and products verified and approved for listing on Outshifter we require you to finish your Outshifter profile and follow our listing guidelines:

- Accurate and updated bio (about section), segment and username

- Updated brand logo (as your profile picture)

- High resolution product image quality on listings. With no watermarks, text and/or collage images

- Product description texts are detailed and accurate

- Product is in stock and ready to ship

The Process
The Outshifter verification process is as follows:

- When you finish registering for Outshifter our review team will be notified and start reviewing your profile.

- Once you have added a product listing draft the official verification process will begin.

- We strive to handle all applications as soon as possible, however please allow us 1-3 business days to handle the verification process.

- Once you are verified, we will send you an automatic email notification and you will be able to publish your products on Outshifter.


This section explains how Outshifter handles transactions, escrow, payouts and disputes.

To update your payment information go to Settings > Billing. From here you can enter your credit card information and/or bank account. Always remember to save your information before leaving the site.

you get paid by Outshifter and the general information you need to know about the sales commission.

We require your bank account information and a valid credit card in order to be able to pay out your money once a sale has taken place. As well as subtracting your account in the case of a delayed return, dispute or faulty product.

We normally pay out your money as soon as we have confirmed that the order is fulfilled. At the latest 30 days after the order has been sent to the customer.


In analytics you can get a full overview of your sales over time, best selling products, the best connections in your network etc. To go to the analytics section press the Analytics icon in the top menu.