The Outshifter Basics

The Outshifter platform consists of a few key elements, learn how to find your way around.


This is your profile. Here you can find and manage all the products you have Saved from users in your network, in addition to products you have Listed on Outshifter as a brand.

The products on your profile can easily be published on the Sales Channels you have connected with Outshifter. Like your Shopify or WooCommerce storefront. However, this feature is mainly used by eSellers.


On your feed you will find all updates and notifications related to your Outshifter activities.


Here you can search and browse for other users. Build your own Sales Network by connecting with the ones that best fit your style, market and segment. 

The users you connect with get access to source and sell any products you have published on Outshifter and vice versa. You can decline requests from users you don't want in your network.

From the My Connections page, you can view and manage all requests you receive. You can also manage your connections.


On the products page you can browse all the products published on Outshifter. 

If you want to expand your inventory, you can use the Products page to find products to sell. After you have connected with the brand that published the products, you can click the Add To + button, and publish the products on your own sales channels. 

The My Listings button can be found in the top right corner of the page. From the My Listings page you can create, publish and manage your product listings on Outshifter if you are a brand. You can also sync with your current eCommerce System.


Here you can view and manage all your orders, no matter where online the customer completed the purchase.


The Analytics page provides you with valuable insights. From what products are selling the best, to your overall profits and best the connections in your Sales Network.


You can go to settings by clicking on your profile picture situated in the top right corner of any page. From here you can adjust and edit all your account settings and information.

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