The sales commission is the fee the partner receives whenever they generate a transaction through their sales channel. It is calculated as a percentage of the product's full retail price.

As a brand you can set the sales commission yourself, based on your own margins and profitability.


When signing up for Outshifter we ask you for a default sales commission, this will be applied to all your products. However, you can always change this default later.

To change the default sales commission go to Settings, select Listings, enter the sales commission in the text field labeled Commission.


You can also set unique commissions for individual products. To adjust the commission for a single product, simply open the product listing in Outshifter and adjust the Sales Commission %.

Note: At the moment the commissions you set apply to all partners you connect with on Outshifter. You can not set unique commissions for selected partners. However, we are evaluating this feature for future implementation.


Outshifter handles the commission splits and payouts for all orders, in addition to VAT and billing.


In the event of a return, you will not be charged the sales commissions for that product.


Great looking products usually sell themselves, but in order to incentivise partners, you could try to increase the sales commission(s). You can always play around with the commissions for individual products, to find the optimal commission based on your own margin and conversion.

We´re currently seeing most brands offering about 25% as the default commission.

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